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Cisco voice command reference

This is a collection of commands to run on Cisco IOS platforms to help with troubleshooting voice connections. This is not a complete list, but just a few handy commands that I have used over the last few years.



See all Active voice calls on a gateway

router# sh voice call sum

Show only the active calls, not all the ports. Includes port, called number, and dial peer

router# sh voice call status

See more detailed information

router# sh voice port sum

See what happens when the specified number is dialed

router# show dialplan number 1436

See what dial peers are currently working

router# show dial-peer voice sum

T1 Controller (see if it's up)

router# sh controllers T1

See the active call information (including codec)

router# sh call active voice brief

MGCP Settings

router# sh mgcp

Test a Translation rule

router# test voice translation-rule  



Show registration information

router# show sip-ua register status



Show calls in and out of ports

router# debug voice ccapi inout



See what's hardware is installed

router# sh inventory

See status of all DSPs

router# sh voice dsp

On Newer IOS versions, see exactly where the DSPs are installed

router# sh diag | i DSP

On Newer IOS versions, see what the hardware for WIC/VIs are

router# sh diag | i FRU Part Number

On Newer IOS versions, Look for DSP (or add "| i DSP")

router# sh inv